Alternate Universe

Riding the life you made (you know that)
It could have been another way
Don't look back, still time to change
Forget the past and throw it all away

Somewhere you've never been before
Subconscious flies like a meteor
Nothing ever stays the same
Never going back again

Seems like you just can't win
When the world is getting under your skin
All chains that bring you down
Look close, you'll find a way out

Somewhere you've never been before
Discovered mind's electric war
Freedom breathes euphoric pain
There is no god, he went insane

Nothing left of time
Falling from the sky
Melting of all minds
Alternate universe

Even if you love what you do
Sometimes you've got to try something new
An open mind is all you need
To fill your lust and kill your greed

Dying mind is cured
Infinite and filling the season of time
Shipwrecked on its shore
Alternate universe