Circle of Blood

Trained to kill in Vietnam
Battling the Viet Cong
Lieutenant of his company
Pain a part of every day
With his family in the park
Let his life forever dark
They killed his child, killed his wife
Now he's filled with bitter strife

Circle of blood
Will the killing ever end?
Stop one war then another begins
Circle of blood
Caught up in the power race
A mob boss dies
Someone else takes his place

Fat man in his castle high
Broke the law so he must die
His sins in life are much to great
Kingpin of crime will meet his fate
Selling dope to kids at school
Corner pusher must die too
Your last sight the skull of death
Flash of bullets, all turns red

(Repeat chorus)

Punishment, avenge the innocent
Criminal, you know your blood will spill
Terrorist, you're on his black list
Feel the wrath of The Punisher

Too much crime
Too little time
Say your prayers
Your last crime
As you die, you realize
Crime don't pay
As you end your last day

(Repeat chorus)