Easy Way Out

It's the symptom of a sick society
On its way to self-destruction
Stupidity and laziness, it doesn't have to be

It's not hard to see the problem
It's got you by the throat
Sometimes you want to give in
And blame it on someone else
If you're failing to discover
What's in your mind
You'll be the one who suffers
If you take the easy way out

Inside your mind you're bleeding
Look in yourself
Depression and grief are feeding
'Cause they told you that you failed
You make your own decisions
What you want to do with your life
Reach out and grab your visions
Don't take the easy way out

Helter skelter, run for shelter
Got the feeling that no one could help you
Easy way out
Life or death, man, it's not ours to choose
Now you see my point of view

You took the easy way out