Edge of Mortality

Head-on death collision, massive damage to your spine
Soul begins to wander as you leave your life behind
Paramedics rush to rescue so you can exist
Travel through the tunnel into the frigid mist
Immortal world before you, feel the presence of the dead
Dislocated angels grasping for the tears you shed
Restless spirits crying out in their endless pain
Infernal one upon his throne tries to break the chain

Excruciating agony
Mesmerizing entity
Parasitic over-lord
Necronomic demon horde

Iridescent tunnel passage to the mortal world
Mesmerizing voices into the void you're hurled
Hazy bloodshot vision feel the pain of fractured bones
Pulmonary complications, fear of being left alone

Abysmal pit below you, feel the mortifying cold
Monumental torture, ghastly methods left untold
Decomposing winter, flowing soundless through your mind
Pagan spirits moaning, captives until the end of time
Sacrilegious seprent tearing knowledge from your brain
Visions of your punishment, go back from whence you came

Operation saves you because it's not your time to die
Reality is now in session, unconscious as you lie
Your future is before you, sad damnation is your fate
Reflections of your sinful past, and all your mindless hate

Edge of Mortality