Evangelistic Deceptor

Fabricate your lies
Play the role of righteous Christian
Misinform us all
Control the minds of those who who buy your band new car
Make the rules you never follow
Greedy hypocrite, I think you're all full of shit

Worship the almighty dollar
Deceivers of the holy cross
Use religion as a cover
You're really just a fuckin' crook
Ensure their entry into heaven
Working through the fear of god
Prey on weak and feeble-minded
Rob their graves, they're nearly gone

Live my life the way I want
I don't need your permission
I believe in humanity, deny your superstition
Now that you're a celebrity
Andy you've got the highest ratings
Fake the tears on TV 'cause they caught you masturbating

So this is your example
Of how a good Christian lives
Now you face damnation by your own congregation

Ever think you'd get this far
Without a scratch or single scar
See your tears and you're a faker
Half as good as Tammy Bakker
Had your fun with Jim and Tammy
Now you're one big happy family

Keep up your deception for monitary domination
Mezmerize the weak
But keep those checks and dollars flowing
Spend it on your whores, indulge in pleasures of the flesh
Who are you to judge?
You're just as much a sinful man as me

Robbing, cheating, nothing left but shame
Preaching, lying, it's all the fucking same

(Repeat chorus)

You're the anti-Christ