Feet First

I will survive, even if no one knows I'm alive
I tell myself, I'll be saved, they'll send help
When the ship went down
I floated 'til the storm washed me aground
Now here I stay 'til I face my last day

I hear my stomach talk, it tells me vicious things
Do I really need to walk?
Lose a foot, but it fills me in

Feet first, then my legs!
Slowly, I decay
Amputate, so I can live
Don't want to die this way

Stop the bleeding, start the feeding
Feast below the knee
Tantalizing, traumatizing
And not much left of me

Await the day when I'll be saved
I pray for rescue and I pray to end this pain

Assure myself it's not in vain
I realize that to survive there's no other way

(Repeat chorus)

I realize that no one knows that I am alive
I tell myself that they will never send help
I've lost all hope
Now I wish I'd gone down with the boat
I'd dig my grave, but my hand is my meal today