Kill Thy Neighbor

Killing nation, born to hate
Mindless violence in the state
Twisted ideals, corrupted minds
Kill the hostage from behind - NOW!
All the victims that have died
Helpless families that have cried
Is there nothing we can do
Endless killing all around you

Problem child, abusive teen
Kill thy neighbor, create a scene
He read from the Bible
You read from the Koran
Spilling blood all over the land
You'll be a martyr
You'll be a martyr

Don't you think it's time we learned
All the times that we got burned
Don't you think it's time to fight back
Show them that we take no shit
In their Arab face we spit
Peace negotiation turn black
Want to take them by surprise
Shoot them right between the eyes
Swift retaliation is a must
Vengeance is imperative
To them a lesson we must give
Their actions are unjust

Time to realize
Victim of demise
How can we prove to them that killing is a sin
I guess we'll never win
Avenge the dead and lost
Vengeance at any cost
Terrorist holocaust

Kill thy neighbor - terrorize
Time to stop this harmful enterprise
Kill thy neighbor - eradicate
Allah tells them to exterminate
Kill thy neighbor - make them see
We must end this list of casualties
Kill thy neighbor - execute
Crush their leaders, cut them at the root