Help yourself, it's time to get a fuckin' grip
And stand up on your own
Hate yourself, can't you see it's getting old
Can't you face reality?
Repress your guilt - reason with yourself
Your self-respect is wearing thin
As you try to find your scapegoat

Pride broken
What does it take to motivate you
No one to blame but yourself

How does it feel to be worthless
(Loss of independence)
Search deep inside yourself, man
I know you feel so powerless
Break through the binds of your weakness
How can you fool yourself
(Got no independence)
When there's no way to fill your emptiness

(Repeat chorus)

You see yourself in the mirror
What do you see
Each day the blame becomes clearer
Don't you point your fuckin' finger at me, man

Real life too much for you to swallow
I guess you bit off more than you can chew
You're such a joke, so pale and fuckin' hollow
Thank god i'm nothing like you

(Repeat chorus)

Got no independence
You've got no one to blame but yourself