Raped Ape

Well, I made the mistake of watching MTV
Headbanger's Ball is really not for me
The guys were so pretty it looked like a beauty show
Their music's lame and they play so fuckin' slow

It's a girl
No, it's a guy
A real hot chick
Man she's got a dick

Well, we don't wear make-up or dress up in spandex clothes
We won't spike our hair or powder up or nose

I think you suck
Don't give a fuck about you
You're just a fool
You think you're cool but you're really not
You make me sick
You poseur prick why don't you give it up
Can't understand
These poseur bands claim to be men

We thrash until the death
So take your final breath
We'll drive you to your knees
With primal tendencies
You know there's no escape
From us RAPED APE!

Raped Ape - we want you!
Raped Ape - we'll find you!
Poseur boys - they must die!
Raped Ape - reign on high!

So you're the next to die
Go on kiss your ass goodbye
Don't care how it's done
'Cause killing's so much fun