Scream When You Burn

Try to keep away from everything
I can't lose myself by belonging
Don't you understand that you have a choice?
You give away your one and only voice

(Chorus 1)
Scream when you burn - this is your only chance
Try to light up the world with sonic ambience
Scream when you burn - with all your feeling
Don't waste your life away!

When you're finally left alone
Left to rot - a corpse under a stone ...
(It's too late, you'll never)

(Chorus 2)
Scream when you burn - because you had your chance
Don't darken the world with ignorance
Scream when you burn - can't you feel it?

Living in an overpopulated generation
Watching my race prepare for its extinction
Atonement means nothing when there's no tomorrow
All existence is filled with sorrow

Burning inside!!
Don't let it die!!
Keep it alive - scream at the sky ...
Scream when you burn