Self-Made Man

Can't you try to see your way
Past the wall in your brain
It's keeping nothing out
Only boxing you in between self-pity and shame
You build your life around your sorrow
As if depression's the only way
Concern yourself so much with tomorrow
You make a waste of today

Digging your own grave
Weakness makes you a slave
Inability to cope has you on your knees
Spiraling straight down
Face-first onto the ground
Fallen victim to your mind's own disease

Your mouth bleeds your ignorance
And it's too late to stop the flow
Now you're stranded high and dry
With nowhere to go

What you can't find
(Can't you see the grave you're digging is for yourself)
Is buried in your mind
(Yeah, try to see past the wall that's inside your head)
Can't live with your pain
(On borrowed time, you've wasted enough already)
Imprisoned in disdain
('Cause this could be the end)

I wish that you could see
You're no worse off than me

You think you've got all the answers
That's not what your actions tell
If "life is what you make it"
I feel sorry for you
Inside your self-made hell

(Repeat chorus)

Self-made man