Shrouded in Darkness

Factories and corporations raping Mother Earth
Degradation since the day of birth
Obliterate the atmosphere, overload pollution
Find new ways to keep up waste diffusion
Spew more toxins in the air
Slowly day by day
Pursue the world's eventual decay
Sacrifice our children's future
Blind to nature's end
If we don't stop the Ice Age will descend

Kill the Earth, frozen birth
Sit and watch our world slowly die
Stratosphere no longer here
Fluorocarbons kill the ozone layer

Killer smog does its job
Death rate rises, cancer takes its toll
No solution to stop pollution
Greedy politicians just don't care

Shrouded in darkness
Shrouded in darkness

Shrouded in darkness
Shrouded in darkness
Shrouded in eternal darkness
Shrouded in never-ending darkness

Waste the seas - contaminate
Deadly breeze - suffocate
Lung disease - eradicate
Drowning in a sea of filth

Toxic waste mutilates our children
Look what we have done
It's too bad they'll never see the sun
Acid rain falls down in torrents
From a blackened sky
All that we have worked for now must die
Asbestos gets the best of us
Malignant future certain
Radon gas will close the final curtain

Oil spills and needles filled with death
Swim in our seas
Wake up now we can't let this be
Cannot let this be