I live my life in isolation
Cut off from the world which refuses me
And now I see

(Chorus I)
No time for tomorrow
No time for today
Your life is sorrow

You stare at me in blank confusion
The more that you offer
The less that you gain
But here I'll stay

(Repeat chorus I)

How can I explain how I feel today
You'd think I would be happier than this,
The pain and the hate ain't goin' away
Something in the air, poisoning despair
You can't stop yourself from dying,
even busting through life
with burning desire

(Chorus II)
Life in darkness
Waiting for release,
All your dreams are nothing

I can't let it go, I can feel it suffocating
filling my mind like a disease
This is my life, the sick life I lead

(Repeat chorus II)

Cast out by your weak society
Slave to the system, that's no way to be
I make my future, decide my own fate
Live life my own way, before it's too late

Dealing with it every day
All the head trips people play
Not too hard to see through you
Can't you see, they've got you too