(Socially Transmitted Death)

SEX - No longer what it used to be
Infection and disease
The gifts that you get for free
When you forget to protect

Pray to God they find it
A cure for this killer disease
Prophylactic warning
Bringing us all to our knees

CRIME - Pregnant mothers shooting their veins
Babies inherit the pain
Forced to live their lives in shame
Drugs they use and abuse
Grab another needle
Stick it in under your vein
Coursing through your body
End in agonizing PAIN!

Babies born with AIDS every day
Innocent must pay
Victims of an uncaring race
Doctors unsure of a cure

I can feel me rotting
Feel my bones decay
I don't want to die
But I don't want to live this way

S.T.D. - Socially transmitted death
Antigens - idenfity
Vicious war - deep inside
Helper cells - degenerate
Retrovirus - generates

Extinction of a dying race
Future looking grim
Take the time to stop and think
Before you stick it in

You walk a razor's edge
Between your life and death
And every day you sit and wait for your last breath
It may be five years until you can tell
That your remaining days will be disease-ridden hell

Virus breeding on the streets
Death from a syringe
The price you pay for being gay
Payback for your sin

No future, life decays
Your body rots away
Health failing, mind is gone
Your dying disease lives on

END - Destroyed by a miniscule foe
Painful death comes slow
Languishing your final breath
Socially transmitted death

(Repeat chorus)