My arms are filled
From my wrists up to my shoulders
With needle tracks
'Cos for two years now
I've been livin' on the street
And almost every day I shoot up a little bit of smack
My TV, my stereo and all my possessions are gone
All stuck in hock
'Cause every single time that I get a little money
I go buy myself another piece of rock

I'm a wastoid, wastin' away
I'm a wastoid, I'll hit the bottom someday, yeah
Wastoid, doin' some drugs
I'm a wastoid and I say fuck the hugs

Cops been on my ass every day and night
Since sometime early last winter
Finally got busted, I went down for the count
And wound up in a rehab center
Psychiatric therapy was useless
And electroshock treatment just curled my hair
So they locked me up alone
And they shot me up with methadone
But I didn't care

(Repeat chorus)
'Cos I'm a wastoid!